Laundry Services & Coin Laundry Based in Nashville, Tennessee

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Washers & Price

• Top Loader $2.75
• Front Loader $2.75
• 30 Pound Machine $5.00
• 50 Pound machines $6.00
• 60 Pound machines $6.75

80 Pound machines


Use either our 30, 45 or 50lb dryers to thoroughly dry your clothes.  The 30 pound dryer starts at $0.50 and you receive 8 minutes. The 45 pound dryer starts at $0.75 and you receive 9 minutes.The 50 pound dryer starts at $1.00 and you receive 10 minutes.

Bundle Service
Avoid spending hours doing your laundry. Drop your laundry off, and we will wash, dry, fold and hang your clothes for you. This service is a minimum of 7 pounds and it costs a $1.40 a pound. However, the comforters, quilts, rugs and blankets are priced  based on size. Pick up and delivery $1.60 per pound with a $20 minimum plus tax.

• King $35.00     •Queen $30.00  • Full $25.00     • Twin $15.00

All downs comforters are $40.

Laundry Center, Laundry Services in Nashville, TN
Clean & Folded
You have the option of having us wash and fold your clothing. We also use hangers for your clothing so they don’t wrinkle. You never have to worry about stains, ironing, or wrinkles with our wash and fold service.
We also offer your business, commercial and tax-exempt accounts. The coin laundry service and accounts are designed to save your money and provide clean clothes.

Contact us to learn more about our commercial and tax-exempt accounts.